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The 1619 Project at PPL


Thursday, 22 Oct. to Thursday, 19 Nov. at Providence Public Library



11 learners signed up; 1 responded to the survey

Learner Goals

Why did people sign up?

  • "Reconnect with an important, yet not taught or widely known part of American history."
  • "A broader knowledge of the subject"
  • "Increased knowledge and understanding of systemic racism and how I, as a white person, can support change."
  • "Deeper understanding of the 1619 content and how we can use it for social change"
  • "An opportunity to hear from others about the many issues and ideas brought up in the 1619 project"

and 6 others

Goals Met

Did participants reach their learning goals?

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Confidence in course materials

Do participants feel more confident about what they learned?

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Next Steps

How do participants intend to apply what they learned?

  • "I start conversations on topics from the class."

Net Promoter Score

Would participants recommend learning circles to a friend?

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Why or Why Not?

  • "It's a great way to learn!"