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Science & Cooking: From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science (physics)


Wednesday, 19 Aug. to Wednesday, 4 Nov. at online



25 learners signed up; 2 responded to the survey

Learner Goals

Why did people sign up?

  • "Learning"
  • "Learn more about the physics of cooking"
  • "understanding how cooking works"
  • "Learning new cooking skills"
  • "Gain a deeper knowledge of cooking"

and 20 others

Goals Met

Did participants reach their learning goals?

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Confidence in course materials

Do participants feel more confident about what they learned?

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Next Steps

How do participants intend to apply what they learned?

  • "Cooking with more confidence"
  • "Application was made clear in the course through recipes. It was very much a main characteristic that I particularly enjoyed"

Net Promoter Score

Would participants recommend learning circles to a friend?

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Why or Why Not?

  • "Loved it"
  • "I enjoyed the experience and I am excited about what I was learning. But it seems more suited to outgoing personalities and people with time to spare"