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PPL Learners: Smithsonian’s Objects That Define America


Tuesday, 27 Oct. to Tuesday, 17 Nov. at PPL online @ Zoom



9 learners signed up; 2 responded to the survey

Learner Goals

Why did people sign up?

  • "History of America through objects"
  • "Achieve better understanding of American history and experience my first learning circle."
  • "I would like to learn about these artifacts and also about how learning circles work."
  • "Learn something new"
  • "n/a"

and 4 others

Goals Met

Did participants reach their learning goals?

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Confidence in course materials

Do participants feel more confident about what they learned?

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Next Steps

How do participants intend to apply what they learned?

  • "Share info with others"
  • "Shae some of the stories with my grandchildren."

Net Promoter Score

Would participants recommend learning circles to a friend?

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Why or Why Not?

  • "Good format"
  • "I liked taking an on line class which was run by intelligent interesting people."


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