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Learning about Learning Circles

with Grif

Tuesday, 5 May to Tuesday, 19 May at Online



16 learners signed up; 3 responded to the survey

Learner Goals

Why did people sign up?

  • "I hope to learn how to facilitate a perfect learning circle :)"
  • "see an online learning circle in action :)"
  • "Deeper knowledge about how to train new staff giving Learning Circle Sessions"
  • "To become a qualified learning circle facilitator"
  • "I want to learn how to effectively run a learning circle and also how to effectively run training to teach others how to run learning circles!"

and 13 others

Goals Met

Did participants reach their learning goals?

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Confidence in course materials

Do participants feel more confident about what they learned?

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Next Steps

How do participants intend to apply what they learned?

  • "To run my own LC"
  • "I plan to teach people to run learning circles online."
  • "Implementing and starting to facilitate learning circles in my community"

Net Promoter Score

Would participants recommend learning circles to a friend?

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Why or Why Not?

  • "It's simple way to combine P2P learning with online tools / resources, it's seems to be typical way of learning nowdays"
  • "It's fun, low-commitment, and effective for a nonformal learning."
  • "Learning something never hurts. This method of learning together is very good and should be tried and used."