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The Science of Well-Being

with Ulonda

Tuesday, 7 April to Tuesday, 12 May at Jitsi (open-source videoconferencing software)



41 learners signed up; 3 responded to the survey

Learner Goals

Why did people sign up?

  • "increase my level of happiness, and help my loved ones increase theirs."
  • "Learning more about happiness"
  • "Be happy on a more consistent basis"
  • "figure out what is holding me back from being happier"
  • "Knowledge"

and 29 others

Goals Met

Did participants reach their learning goals?

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Confidence in course materials

Do participants feel more confident about what they learned?

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Next Steps

How do participants intend to apply what they learned?

  • "I will be more diligent in creating an environment for success, tracking healthy habit goals, and being aware of what I can be in control of and not in control of"
  • "Trying to be more mindful of what makes me happy and what to watch out for that's false"
  • "I intend to keep working on building my daily habits of exercise, gratitude/savoring, and considering the impact of my circumstances on my outlook. I also am glad to have learned about the happiness assessment tests and look forward to taking them again in the future to see how my outlook evolves."

Net Promoter Score

Would participants recommend learning circles to a friend?

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Why or Why Not?

  • "Because of the convenience and benefits."
  • "I typically like to learn things on my own. This format showed me the benefit of reflecting on what I'm learning with other people who can share their personal experiences and insights. This added a lot of benefit to the course for me because I could consider the psychology and strategies in other contexts besides my own life."
  • "I think it could have been shorter, and more discussion, and not hurriedly watching the videos during the learning circle and then having a brief discussion."