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Learning Circles are lightly-facilitated study groups for learners who want to take online courses together, in-person. Learning Circles are peer supported, facilitated by non-content experts, hosted in publicly accessible spaces, designed to be taken with few prerequisites, and free for learners. You can think of Learning Circles like a book group for learning.

Generally, Learning Circles meet for 90 minutes a week in a public space (like a library) for 6 to 8 weeks. Each Learning Circle has a facilitator. He or she is not necessarily a content expert, but has been trained in helping support a peer learning environment for learners like you who want to work through online courses together.

Learning Circles offer much more than a dedicated weekly study time and space. Past participants have commented on the value of working through material with peers, gaining access to new study strategies, finding a support group of like minded individuals, and learning at one's own pace in low pressure environment.

Whatever your motivation, we believe that Learning Circles can help you get through online learning materials in a social setting that is motivating, insightful, and fun. If you don't see a Learning Circle that interests you in your neighborhood, reach out to a local library or community center and see if they'll support one! If you want run a Learning Circle, sign up here